1212 Interijer Marcromie

Marcromie Color Collection
1212 Colors for Interior

The Marcromie Color Collection – 1212 COLORS FOR INTERIOR is a complete color selection for interior composed of 1,212 colors, selected according to the contemporary architectural trends.
Simple and effective tool for the choice of color at the service of the professional, consultant, designer and responsive to the tastes and needs of the customer.

The location of colors in the chart is divided into seven parts to help in the selection and allow easy comparison between the colors of the same group.

The letter in the code identifies the color of the group, within each group the colors differ in lightness (L), chromaticity (C) and tint (H). The colors blend gradually from one shade to another without a clear distinction brilliant tones brighten and then lose chromaticity becoming neutral colors.

Each color can be reproduced with the products for indoor use of Colorificio San Marco by using Marcromie Tinting System.

Nijanse prikazane na ekranu se mogu razlikovati od stvarnih nijansi, te služe isključivo informativno. Za konačan odabir nijansi, zatražite ton kartu na prodajnom mjestu.
  • 001B
  • 001G
  • 001N
  • 001O
  • 001R
  • 001V
  • 001Y
  • 002B
  • 002G
  • 002N